Taking stock

I have borrowed this idea from Pip of Meet Me at Mike’s because she says it’s okay and also because I love the way it reads. Kind of like a poem but also very practical and informative.

Making : A sweater. In seven days. I hope.
Cooking : Nope.
Drinking : Coffee always and forever I will never quit you I am committed I promise.
Reading: this piece about mom (mum) hate.
Next read: I don’t really have time for reading so I don’t plan anything because I will just feel sad and stressed about having no time for reading the end.
Wanting: to have time to read.
Looking: like a birds nest? I’m embracing my hair’s natural texture. It is a LOT.
Playing: A dinosaur survival game on my phone because Pai loves dinosaurs and I like survival games. Often early in the morning before anyone else is up.
Deciding: on what to sew first from this book.
Wishing: for a break.
Enjoying: early morning wake ups, strangely enough.
Waiting: for Spring to really Spring. So so close.
Liking: my WIP sweater.
Wondering: if I’ll really finish it in time.
Loving: my big kid. He is growing up into such a great human you guys.
Pondering: what makes a writer a Writer with a capital W and not just a person who writes things. I think I need to unpack this a bit.
Considering: fabrics for sewing projects.
Buying: nothing! I’m trying to be very intentional about purchases which is difficult because impulsive is my middle name. Yep, I’m Millie Impulsive Not-a-Writer*.
Watching: the Great British Bake Off, obvs.
Next watch: No idea – want to suggest me a thing?
Hoping: to finish the sweater very quickly.
Marvelling: at my little Pai’s tendency to write notes and lists. She is my girl, that’s for sure.
Cringing: when people say “self-care”. I believe in it as a concept, I just think this phrase has become so overused and synonymous with candles and baths and yoga which is all well and good but sometimes what you really need is 10 hours sleep, a bag of chips (a really big bag, or lots of little ones. Both of these options are okay) and no one to ask you for anything for six hours in a row. Also I don’t really like baths.
Needing: new jeans. Nice crisp, black, high waisted ones preferably. To wear with the sweater that may or may not be finished in seven days.
Questioning: if I should have my hair cut.
Smelling: peach body butter.
Wearing: a vintage knitted cardigan and always wanting to pretend I knitted it.
Following: all the knitting people on instagram. I made a new insta account just for my creative things because I didn’t want to bore all my regular people and now I just use instagram for the yarn porn and yarn people (as far as I know there are no yarn-porn-people).
Worrying: about a work thing and hoping it will be resolved soon.
Noticing: that I’m next level on the edge of burnout tired.
Knowing: that my current life chaos won’t last forever.
Thinking: about spring planting things.
Admiring: my work people. They inspire and support me like woah.
Sorting: some garden bits, some home bits, LOTS of shop bits.
Getting: hungry.
Bookmarking: Nope.
Coveting: people with the shiny smooth hair. Coveting the hair, not the people.
Disliking: that tomorrow is Monday. I would like another Saturday, thanks.
Opening: my mouth and putting chips in it.
Giggling: with my girl.
Feeling: glad it’s almost closing time.
Snacking: YES
Hearing: Baby by Warpaint

*not actually my real name.

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