Slow Days

The lead up to the Christmas and our end of year break was Chaos with a capital C. Our shop was busy with people gift shopping and seeking out ingredients for the perfect holiday meals and we were slammed.  My day job seemed to slow down at the end of the year but just before everything was due to close and autoreplies were turned on, things amped up so that they last few days were an intense sprint. Some kind of cruel joke by “the universe” to teach me for feeling like I can relax a second before 5pm on December 21st.

So really, things combined to create a whirlwind of all the things at once. It was wild and exhausting and on the 23rd of December, at 8pm, I locked up V1 and promptly went home to spend two hours doing accounts and payroll before I could really switch off (literally switched my computer off – I shut down my laptop and didn’t pick it up again until around the 2nd of January. I didn’t intend this, but I was just really busy sitting on my butt and doing the odd spot of gardening between beach swims and neighbourhood walks).

Where was I ? Right. The switching off happened on the evening of December 23rd and it was glorious. Of the ten days we had off, we spent five of them in Napier including a very laid back and relaxed Christmas Day, not including the part where my Dino-Pai woke up at 4am because of who she is as a person. I am very thankful of who my Surly Teen is as a person because he took care of her and did his best to prevent her from waking us up before 7am. 7am is the Christmas Day rule in this whare. Mean? Possibly but also essential.

Someone said something along the lines of “she’s a bit of a firecracker huh?” in reference to my Dino-Pai and the answer to that question is one hundred times yes forever and ever amine. She is amazing and I am very tired.

The someone was my baby brother who was in NZ from Perth where he currently lives (I say currently like it’s just temporary and he’s going to return lolololol please?). He made a detour on his travels to come spend a night in Napier because we weren’t going to see him at all and I am very grateful for that. He is a good baby brother, even if he’s actually 31 years old and definitely taller than me. You can take the baby brother out of NZ but you can’t take the baby brother out of my heart. 

On our return we have spent lots of time sitting and eating and also gardening because I love the gardening. I don’t really have much success with growing things but I can say that I am getting it. As a whānau we’ve kept at least two house plants alive this year and I planted basil in the garden the other day and it is still alive. Today is my first back at work (V1 mahi, not my day job) and it’s quietish, there’s a giant fan to keep me cool and the sun is shining. I know the delicious slow(er) days are coming to an end soon (I start back at work on Monday but just part-time for now) but I am going to try and hold on to that slow feeling for as long as I can. After a year of 6 day work weeks I’m determined to try and stretch out this feeling for as long as I can.

P.S I have finally caught up with The Handmaid’s Tale and holy shit it is dark dark dark. I cried and cried and cried and I feel like my insides are very raw right now. I think I will stick to reality cooking shows from here on out.

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